The 20 Minute Speedreading Program

Who else wants to learn the amazingly simple “secret technique” that can DRAMATICALLY ACCELERATE your family’s reading and learning — in less than half an hour?

I laughed when they said I could DOUBLE my reading speed in only 20 minutes…
But when I tried it… I couldn’t believe my eyes!

A True Story:

I’ll confess: Like most homeschoolers, I am a closet “book junkie”. I love to read and savor all sorts of books — especially “living books” and historical stories from days gone by. I love nothing better than to sit down with a favorite author like Dickens or Twain or Henty and enjoy the story they have to tell… or settle down with a biography or history of a favorite person or event. But alas — as many homeschooling families can attest, there are “So many books… So little time!” Life gets mighty hectic with work, homeschooling, household matters and family activities. I usually have very little time to read — and often have wished there was some way to read more in the time I do have.

Like most people, I’ve heard of “speed reading” before — but I’ve never looked into it seriously. All the “speed reading courses” I’ve ever seen were advertised on cheesy TV infomercials. Those courses had big, thick, intimidating notebooks and piles of CDs and “stuff” — with a price tag close to what we paid for our last computer! I had NO desire to spend that kind of money — or days and days of my time — for that sort of stuff.

Plus, with a reading speed of 250 words per minute, I was reading very well already, thank you.

So, to say the least, when a friend of mine from South Africa emailed and asked me if we would like to carry his  product on our website, I was VERY skeptical. He said:

“This Exclusive Speed Reading System Will Double Your Reading Speed In Just 20 Minutes – GUARANTEED!”

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking: “DOUBLE YOUR READING SPEED IN JUST 20 MINUTES? Uh huh. Right. THAT sounds pretty far fetched!”

Well, exact same thoughts went through my mind as well. So …

I decided to see for myself if this little course was the real thing, or just a bunch of hooey. After all, I thought… what can anybody really learn in just 20 minutes?

I got in touch with my South African buddy and ordered a copy of his “Audio Speed Reading Course”. I looked through the notes and sat down in a quiet room at home and went through the Audio instruction and 20 minute exercise myself.

I sat down to PROVE HIM WRONG, but when I saw the results I was stunned!

When it was all over, I couldn’t believe what had happened. After that ONE 20 minute practice session, my reading speed jumped from 250 words per minute to 520 words per minute (wpm)! My reading speed had MORE than DOUBLED!

Now, let me clarify: When I say I was reading twice as fast, I was NOT just skimming pages… I was NOT just skipping around, picking up highlights with a vague idea of what the story was about. No — I was actually reading at DOUBLE MY PREVIOUS SPEED, with FULL COMPREHENSION of what I was reading! To say the least, I got excited.

I went looking for my wife and found her out in the garden tilling the tomato beds.  “Susan,” I said, “Listen. You’ve got to give this a try! Tell me if I’m dreaming or not.”  “First, YOU help me dig this tomato bed,” she said, sticking a hoe in my hands. “Then you can tell me about it!” (Women!)

So (as I broke up dirt clods) I told her about this great “Audio Speed Reading Course”, and what results I had when I tried it.  She got excited, and later that evening, she went through it too. We looked at HER results and were amazed again. After ONE 20 minute practice session, wife Susan’s reading speed went from 222 wpm to 424 wpm!

Now my mind was racing, but I still wanted more proof: Was this just a fluke? Would it work for other folks? Would it work for teenagers? Would it work for younger kids? 

I sat down and worked on the materials my friend had sent us, rewrote them and added some extra information that specifically addressed the needs and goals of Homeschooling families, and finally re-recorded and updated the audio program too. Then I got on the computer and recruited several other homeschooling friends  from all over the world and persuaded them to to give our newly revised and re-recorded Homeschool Speed Reading Audio Course a try and report back to us.

And here are their results as reported back to us — after only ONE 20-minute training session:

Dawn went from 254 to 737 words per minute

Kevin (age 13)  went from 180 wpm  to 462 wpm

Carla, age 34, went from 318 to 617 wpm

Ashley (age 14) went from  75 words  to 200 wpm

Robyn (age 12) went from  1/2 page to 1-1/2 pages per minute

Andrea went from 400 to 1390 wpm

Daniel, age 35, went from 132 to 319 wpm

  Lori (“is my age necessary?”) 297 wpm to  529 wpm

       Richmond (age 13) from  279 wpm to  445 wpm

       Ryan (age 11)  from 176 wpm  to 318 wpm

Mary P. (age 48) went from 220 to 460 wpm

Liz (age 44) went from 250 to 410 wpm

Christie-Lin (age 10) went from 195 to 275 wpm

Marina went from 215 to 313 words per minute

Arnie (age 38) went from 250 to 300 words per minute

Lynn (age 37) went from 200 to 400 words per minute

Wendyjo (age 41) went from 269 to 386 words per minute

Katie (age 13) went from 151 to 252 words per minute

Linda (age 42) went from  280 words  to 360 words per minute

Chantay (age 13) went from 333 to 396 words per minute

Catherine (age 42) went from 188 to 380 words per minute (after going through the 20-minute exercise twice)

In the end, 90% of the people who tried The Homeschool Speed Reading Audio Course reported a dramatic improvement in their reading speed after only ONE 20-minute session. (The other 10% showed only a modest improvement, had eyesight / learning problems, or were too young to be able to  use the technique taught in the audio. (We suggest that this program be used by any proficient readers, age 10 – adult.)

Now, if you look closely at the numbers above — you’ll see that not everyone doubled their speed after the first 20 minute session (though many did — and a few even TRIPLED their reading speed). Some folks “only” improved their reading speed after their first try by 40% – 50% or 75%. But the beauty of this program is — when they (or you) go back and do the 20 Minute exercise a second time… or a third time… or more, your speed will continue to get faster and faster each and every time.

Our conclusion: This program WORKS for most any proficient reader aged 10 – Adult… And it can work for YOUR FAMILY too!

“But can I REALLY learn to read twice as fast as I do now?”Answer: ABSOLUTELY! YOUR BRAIN CAN DO A LOT MORE THAN YOU THINK IT CAN!

It’s a fact that our brains process MILLIONS of signals — every single second of the day. Learning to read TWICE as fast as you already do — or even faster — will hardly even show up on your brain’s radar! It is all in how you train your brain to view words on paper — and this program contains the “magic key” that will unlock the amazing potential of your brain to read and fully understand words on paper TWO…even THREE times faster than you do today — in just 20 minutes!  Impossible?  Not at all.  Try it for yourself!


If you want pages and pages of material and oodles of theory, charts, diagrams and case studies, sorry – we can’t help you. I don’t want to wade through a bunch of gobbledygook, and I don’t think you do either. So it’s not there.

BUT… if you want the exact same system that has since it’s development helped hundreds of homeschooled young people and parents (including myself) to dramaticaly increase their reading speed in just 20 minutes – you’ve found it!

Believe it or not, this ENTIRE program consists of just one 14 page PDF ebook  and a total of 48 minutes of mp3 audio instruction which you can play right on your computer or iPod / mp3 player. (And only 20 minutes of that is the actual training exercises.) 

That’s it! There’s nothing else to study, purchase, or sweat over. We are promising you results, not hypothesis.  You will dramatically improve your reading speed. Your kids (if they are readers already) will dramatically improve their reading speed. All with the same amount (or better) of comprehension… and all in just one or two 20 minute sessions. (And if it does not work for you, simply let us know and we will refund your purchase asap, no questions asked.)

  • You won’t have to spend hours and hours of grueling training and practice.
  • You won’t have to go through dozens of complex, dull exercises that will have you or your kids moaning and groaning.
  • You see INSTANT RESULTS after just 20 minutes. (Talk about motivating! Even the most fidgity of students can stay with it that long.)
  • You’ll be able to slash your study time to a fraction of what you need today.
  • You’ll dramatically increase your competence in various skills and activities because you’ll have a greater grasp of the subjects you read.
  • You’ll raise your (and your child’s) confidence by leaps and bounds.
  • And last but not least you don’t have to be a genius to understand and use it. Anyone, age 10 and up, who is already a reader, can turbo-charge their reading speed after just one or two sessions, period.
Some testimonials from our “speedreading” testers:
Wow!  I was skeptical, but the program really works!  I thought I was already reading pretty quickly, but my speed did double.  And my husband, who has never really enjoyed reading, ended up reading two and a half times faster, and plans to continue using the program.  What a great tool!  Thank you so much!!                       — Carla & Daniel E.

Hi everyone really enjoyed the speed reading exercises. I have done this when I was younger and consider myself a pretty fast reader but have not practiced and forgot how I had learned to do it…. Here were my scores I was very pleased!! Before  400 words in a minute… After:  1390 words per minute. Thanks again and God Bless!                                  — Andrea

My son hasn’t done it yet, but here are my results:
Before (pre-test): 254 words a minute
After (post-test): 737 words a minute
I’m SO impressed!! This is INCREDIBLE!!   — Dawn

Although we didn’t double our speed in our first lesson, the increase in reading speed was quite dramatic!   …The slowest among us finished reading faster than the fastest began…. I believe that with further practice we could all be reading very comfortably at a high rate of speed.  This will greatly aid our educational efforts as we will no longer get bogged down in the reading.  — Lori Culp

I went through the exercise and went from  331 wpm to 795 wpm.  It was amazing to see as I finished each successful “drill” that I could tell I was reading faster than the time before.  This is great!     — MaryKay B.

Before 236…  After 709!

Unbelievable, as a homeschooling mother I do a LOT of reading. I have always been a fast reader, easily reading a book a day when on vacation. I didn’t think my speed could improve very much so I actually insisted on counting the words on my first test instead of using the words/line averaging method. When I finished the second test I could instantly see that I went from half a page to over 2 pages in the same time! I even went back and timed the “timed” tests to verify they were the same length! I can’t wait to keep practicing the method for further improvement. This program is awesome and I can’t thank you enough.    — Leah W.

Bottom Line…

  • You will dramatically increase your reading speed — maybe even double or triple it
  • This can be done in just one or (at most two) 20 – minute sessions
  • You will have full comprehension – even at your new top reading speeds
  • This will work for any motivated readers aged 10 and up who are willing to give it a try

  • We guarantee your satisfaction with this program, or we will cheerfully refund your money. We stand completely behind this product, because we have seen it work for ourselves. If you simply give it a real try and go through the “20 Minute” session once or twice, it WILL work for YOU, and you will as much as double – or even triple – your reading speed. If not, simply delete the files and let us know for a prompt refund. We want you to be delighted with the results you get with this program, or we don’t want your money! It is that simple!

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 You’ve heard it before, and it’s true… READERS ARE LEADERS! If you want dramatically improved reading skills for your family, you’ll never find an easier, faster, less-expensive or more risk-free program than this. You have nothing to lose, and only a house full of “better readers” to gain. Simply click on our order link above and  put ‘The Homeschool Speed Reading Audio Program” to the test in your home today.

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