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It’s not nearly as hard as you might think it is to cut your family’s hair! Just learning the very simple basics will save you hundreds of dollars every year (and you won’t have to drag the kids to the barber shop  every time they get shaggy, either). Just follow this  great guide from our Homemaker’s Mentor Library and do it yourself. Yes, you! Easy peasy! Like a boss!


Brain Builder Picture Puzzles (PDF ebook – Free!)

These are some of our favorite classic brain-teasing picture puzzles, that stretch your kids’ thinking and develop creative problem solving skills (but they don’t have to know that)!! A great resource for when you need a little something to keep the kids busy for a while. Includes 18 cartoon puzzle pages… plus all the answers (if you have to look!)


Hans Brinker & the Silver Skates (MP3 Audio Dramatization)

This is a wonderful half-hour audio dramatization of the classic living book by Mary Mapes Dodge, a delightful story of early 19th-century Dutch life, and an exciting tale of youthful honor. (25 minutes, MP3)

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