Far Above Rubies

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Far Above Rubies: A Complete Four Year High School Unit Study Curriculum is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Far Above Rubies, authored by acclaimed homeschooling pioneer Lynda Coats, has been used by thousands of homeschooling families over the past 20 years to guide young ladies in their junior high and high school studies. And now this much beloved, time-tested curriculum is available in a brand new updated, revised edition!

Love everything about this curriculum.
I purchased Far Above Rubies for my middle girls and I so wished I would have had this for my oldest daughter who is now in college. It is such a rich study that will prepare my girls for womanhood and service to God. The Bible and Reading/Literature portions alone are worth more than the purchase price. The other sections are the cherry on top. – Cheryl P.

It’s the Perfect “Self-Directed” Course for Jr. & Sr. High

Far Above Rubies can be used by your student, age 12 thru senior high school, with very little oversight needed by you. It covers all subjects except math and advanced science and includes many suggestions for expanding into specialized areas of interest.

The curriculum can be customized by parent or student to best fit the interests, learning style, and goals of your student. Students can pick and choose the assignments they wish to focus on to fulfill their course requirements. The object of the curriculum is not to “do it all” just to get everything checked off. Rather, it is designed to give you a solid, practical, proven framework upon which your student can build their own customized, self-directed course of junior high and high school study.

I cannot express how grateful I am to have found this curriculum for my daughter. We are squeezing in as much as possible for her last year and a half of high school. I only wish I had found it sooner! It is so adaptable to her interests and passions, and totally suits her desire to be a wife and mother. Until finding this reaource I had never really thought about formally teaching her what it means to be a helpmate to her future husband and mother to her future children. She is learning so much and loves the amount of time it causes her to be in the Word. How I wish someone had taught me such things at an early age!! — Pam Mattox

The Goal is much more than just “Book Learning”

The primary goal of Far Above Rubies is to help Christian young ladies develop their character and abilities for useful service to the Lord within the family setting. Far Above Rubies will help your maturing Christian girl to understand the importance of homemaking as a full-time profession, even for a woman who chooses other professions or occupations. This curriculum (based on Proverbs 31: 10-31) stresses the importance of a woman making her family her number one earthly priority in terms of time and emotional commitment, and of seeing this as her life’s calling from God.

What Else is Needed?

Although most required college prep courses are included in Far Above Rubies, you will need to add higher math and perhaps some additional science. 
Very few additional resources are mandatory, though many supplemental books and videos are suggested throughout the studies. The use of these is optional, and will depend on your own situation, preferences and budget. Most, if not all of these, are available online, in local bookstores or libraries, or can be borrowed for free via interlibrary loan or from other homeschooling families.

“Far Above Rubies” is an answer to our prayers. An all in one 4 yr High School plan offers a wide variety learning opportunities, while maintaining the values we want to teach our daughter. It has been worth the wait to order the updated version. Thank you! – Psalm-100

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We know the best way to show you the scope, format and content of Far Above Rubies is to let you look it over for yourself. So we invite you to
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  • Guidelines for parents and students
  • The philosophy behind the curriculum
  • How it can be used with students with different learning styles
  • Essential materials needed
  • …and A COMPLETE Unit Study from the curriculum!

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This is the curriculum my parents used for me during my high school years. It needs hardly any parental oversight for the driven young ladies. I’m actually considering repurchasing it, because I feel like it is a treasure that even adults can go back to and learn from. – Kimberli L.


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