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What to Draw and How to Draw It!

What to Draw & How to Draw it by E. G. Lutz (PDF ebook)

A wonderful “how to” drawing book originally published in 1913, which shows young artists, step-by-step, how to create all sorts of characters, animals, buildings & other fanciful cartoons & designs. It is a delight, and many of you will have to pry your kids away from this one. Check it out!

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Art Instruction, Nature Studies

Willie’s First Drawing Lessons – Nature and Art

“Willie’s First Drawing Lessons” (PDF ebook)

Young Willie learns that there are only two kinds of lines in nature – curved and straight – and how they can be used in drawing just about anything. This is a lovely little (50+ pages) book with a sweet narrative and many line art illustrations – very much in the spirit of Charlotte Mason instruction. If your kids enjoy drawing and nature, they will love this book. Enjoy!

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Art Instruction

Learn to Draw Any Cartoon Character in 5 Minutes or Less

Okay, today’s resource is really short and sweet… but it works. Get your kids to try it.

Using the principles explained in this art teacher’s 5 minute video, you can teach your kids how to draw just about any cartoon character using a simple “mass drawing” technique. It may take a few tries, but once they get the hang of it… boom! Give it a spin!

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Art Instruction

The ABC’s of Art is a delightful art instruction site by “Mo” M.C. Gillis  that offers a collection of downloadable lesson ebooks & guides that are lots of fun for young artists who want to learn some basic principles behind art.

The ABC’s of Art ebook from this site is a really nice introduction to the basics of line, shape, color theory and more. This PDF is the first in the series of ebook links you will find on the site. There’s lot’s more great resources on this site too, so do a little exploring and see what all you can find.

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Art Instruction, Nature Studies

Natural History Illustration Course found this neat online course that should appeal to many homeschool families, so today we’re going to let them tell you about it:

“Creatively homeschooling parents, eclectic homeschoolers, and Charlotte Mason teachers, you’ll enjoy this free nature illustration course! A few months ago, I shared that I was going to take what I called a “nature journal college course” from the University of Newcastle.

“I really loved it!

“The course covers botanical illustration, but goes so much deeper than just showing you how the teacher draws objects.  Instead, you are encouraged to draw the object as you see it!  Also, you’ll learn about natural history illustrators who are helping scientists (an artist will sometimes notice things that are missed in photographs or not noticed by simply viewing an animal). 

“Guess what?  The free nature illustration course is being repeated!  It begins April 2, 2019.  The free course is called Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101. It comes to us online, from the University of Newcastle in Australia.”

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