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All-Time Favorite Holiday Stories for the Ears

This year we’ve put our two most popular Holiday Season collections into ONE wonderful bundle — CLICK HERE to see (and hear) all the details!

Lots of happy testimonials from other homeschool families:


I purchased the holiday stories last year since our family enjoys reading aloud  

and audio books. We truly enjoyed the stories and listened to them daily.

It has become a new Christmas tradition as all four of my children (including teens!)

begged to listen to The Cinnamon Bear every day. Thank you for these wholesome,

timeless adventures! – Rachel R


Definitely get the Homeschool Radio Shows “All Time Favorite Holiday Stories” collection!

We got them last year and they were a hit. It really set the mood for the holidays.

Never got tired of listening to them. It really brings the past into the here and now.” — Melissa H.


The tradition continues. Now I am purchasing this set for my daughter and her little

family. She has fond memories of this set when she was living at home and

homeschooled! Thanks  for continuing to offer it. – Felice G.


Thank you so much for the Cinnamon Bear stories.  It has become a family tradition

to start listening to them on the way to their Nonnie’s for Thanksgiving.  We listen

to them only in the car and finish up the story by Christmas.  It’s the only time of

the year we play it. My girls talk about them throughout the year.  – Colleen


This is our favorite collection for the Holidays – our daughter even pulls it out

to listen to in the heat of summer:) Thanks for making this available for

generations to come! – Angela


We may have been one of the original “Cinnamon Bear Listeners” from your site.

A Christmas tradition at our house. We even have a Paddy O’ Cinnamon that we

put on our tree each year. – Christine W.


There were many delights as we listened to your Holiday Stories Collection…

We listened starting as soon as it arrived and continued on into January.


One of the greatest treasures we found on the MP3 was a version of

A Christmas Carol” featuring Lionel Barrymore. I sat utterly amazed when

I first heard his voice. The first few seconds of the program brought back such

a familiarity to me — I had previously thought I would NEVER hear that

version again and have missed it every Christmas since getting married and leaving home.

My parents had an old LP record of the very same show that we would listen to

on our family’s old stereo when I was growing up. We listened to it “to death,”

helping bump the needle whenever it got stuck on scratches. =^) That old record has long been lost.


How excited I was to tell my two children that this program was the VERY SAME ONE

their mommy and her siblings used to LOVE listening to every Christmas when they

were young! I thought there was no way to ever hear that program again, but thanks to you,

we are carrying on the tradition of listening that that old favorite,

along with many new ones, during the holidays!


(By the way, my daughter was in a thrift store this spring and found a paperback copy

of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” She insisted she was old enough to read it

and bought it with her own money (she was then 6). Your radio shows spur on much

love, familiarity, and reading of original classics at our house. Thank you!” With Thanks – Karla


We’ve been with you since the beginning and bought the Holiday Stories when you

first offered them, and listen to them every holiday season! They are truly a treasure!

Thanks for the reminder today to pull them up and start listening again. – Martha


I also have to say what a great resource this was last year. We brought the

Cinnamon Bear Companion also and did the lapbook, coloring book and games

with our youngest (7 years). I want to add that after 6 years of family homeschooling

it was the best project we have ever done 🙂 – Shelley B.


Click HERE to go to the collections!