Nature Studies

The “Look About You” Nature Study Books – II

Here’s another of the “Look About You” nature study series written by Thomas W. Hoare, an English nature study teacher in the early 1900s. These stories follow the activities of an uncle and his nieces and nephews as they explore the countryside and farm and really begin to pay attention to all the wonders of nature surrounding them. Each short chapter ends with some “hands on” experiment or activity for children, related to the topic. These books are exceptionally well done, are great for primary age nature study, and have great illustrations to boot. We highly recommend you check them out!

Today’s book is Volume 3, and topics include: Birds in Winter – Seed-Eaters & Insect-Eaters – Baby Plants – Tadpoles – and Frogs


this book is available in HTML format to read online, or it can be downloaded as an epub or kindle ebook!