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History Videos for Kids

Homeschool curriculum publisher Brookdale House has a wonderful page of history videos that they have collected from youtube and other sources especially for homeschooled students. This is a well-curated and professionally designed collection of videos, broken down into Ancient history, medieval history, early modern & modern history categories.

Here’s what they say about this collection:

History Videos for Kids–Don’t you just love ’em?

Well, so do I, so I came up with a way to create a gallery of history videos for kids! These videos cover the four year history cycle–ancient history, medieval history, early modern history, and modern history. If you are one of those teachers that like to use videos to help your children understand history, then you’re gonna love these videos. Our galleries of videos were created by researching the BEST YouTube history videos for kids that we could find.

Bookmark this… it is a great resource!

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