Learning to Write the Slow and Steady Way

If your elementary age student is having trouble writing, check out this simple but very helpful step-by-step resource site. HelpWithWriting.com offers a sequential program divided into five units or “building blocks”, each containing a short movie, a lesson, and seven free printable worksheets to reinforce each lesson.

from the website:

Helping With Writing.com is a website to guide you, the parent, on how to support your children with all their writing projects; the objective of this site is to improve your children’s writing. I begin with basic sentence structure and take you step by step through mini movies, lessons, and worksheets ending with your children being able to use nouns, collective nouns, prepositions and verbs correctly in all their writing. Write On!

I have designed the program so that your children build their writing skills taking baby steps (no tricks of the trade or hoops to jump through), but simple. I recommend that they do one worksheet per day to build a strong foundation and gradually develop their skills. Taking bite sizes pieces everyday is easier for them to digest than a huge turkey dinner all in one sitting.

Childrens’ attention spans are short and sweet.  Work within their limitations.  Slow and steady wins the race.

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