An Introduction to Chemistry EBOOK

An Introduction to Chemistry by Mark Bishop, is a textbook intended for use in beginning chemistry courses with no chemistry prerequisite, and was designed by the author’s experience of teaching introductory chemistry for over 30 years at Monterey Peninsula College, CA. This textbook has garnered praise and classroom adoptions nationwide for its accessible presentation and student-friendly features. The text was written for students who want to prepare themselves for general college chemistry, for students seeking to satisfy a science requirement for graduation, and for students in health-related or other programs that require an introduction to general chemistry.

The textbook is available in two versions to meet all teaching preferences:

  • The Chemistry-First version covers chemical reactions early and postpones math-related topics until slightly later in the book.
  • The Atoms-First version provides a more complete description of atomic theory and bonding early and describes chemical reactions later and presents the math-related topics earlier.

The PDF and ebook versions of the textbook are available for free downloading from the website, along with supplementary animations and other resources. The author does request a donation if you like the text and use the materials for a complete chemistry course, but it is not required.

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