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“The Good and the Beautiful” Language Arts Course

The Good and the Beautiful website offers a great Language Arts curriculum, and Levels 1 thru 5 are currently available as free PDF downloads from their website.

Here’s what they say on the site about this course on their site:

Connects learning to the good and the beautiful: family, God, high moral character, wholesome literature, and the wonders and beauty of nature and human life

Requires no daily prep time—just open the book and follow the instructions, learning and exploring along with your child.

Combines multiple subjects, connecting learning, adding meaning, shortening school time, making learning more enjoyable, and eliminating the need for 6 to 7 different courses. Reading, writing, literature, spelling, grammar & punctuation, vocabulary, geography, and art are all in one course.

Emphasizes literature of the highest literary and moral merit. 

Full phonics reading program creates excellent readers. Phonics instruction is included through Level 3.

Strong writing program creates excellent writers!

Thorough and advanced courses leave no gaps! There is no need to supplement.

There are lots of resources on the site (both downloadable and printed) that are available for purchase, but again, Levels 1 – 5 of the Language Arts course are free downloads in PDF format. You will need to go through their checkout to get them.

CLICK HERE to go to the website!

3 thoughts on ““The Good and the Beautiful” Language Arts Course

  1. FYI: This is being promoted as a Christian curriculum on many blogs. However, the author is LDS. You can read about it in the about tab of her website. For some, this won’t matter, but for others it will. But having the facts will help you make an informed decision whether to use this curriculum or not.

  2. Thanks for the note. As always, we recommend readers glean what they can from any quality resource. There’s never a need to use 100% of any book or curriculum if it does not fit your family or beliefs.

  3. Thanks so much good this resource. It is amazing. Not only do I love the free Language Arts course and will be using it for my three boys this year, I also downloaded the Year 1 History course. Both use beautiful images and provide a solid curriculum. I have homeschooled for over 20 years and I would recommend them both.

    Thanks for all your work. I love your new site! Your images are excellent.


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