WOW! Can We Do That Again?

Ready to add a little a LOT more Science Fun & Learning into YOUR homeschool? Check out this delightful bundle of “Kid Favorite” resources, guaranteed to make YOUR kids say:

Kids are just naturally curious & full of questions. 
They love to learn, and “hands on” experiments at home is a great way to get them really excited about science.

That’s what our great new collection, “Wow! Can We Do That Again?” is all about: 
It is chock full of tried-and-true science demonstrations and experiments that spark a love of science… 
quick, easy to do educational activities for students of all ages — and loads of fun in the process!

Here are just some of the experiments included:

Creeping Crystals! Climbing Water! The Amazing Egg in a Bottle! 
Flame Tornadoes! Soda Pop Fountains! Alka-Rockets! Rock Candy! Color Symphonies! 
Sink or Float? Blubber Gloves! Foaming Colors! Making Moon Craters! 
Fruit Surgery! Gloop Power! Magic Soap! Make a Homemade Compass! 
Erupting Volcanoes! Popsicle House Fever! Hovering Balloons! 
Light Up the Night! Instant Cheese! Disappearing Eggshells! 
Dancing Raisins! Jumping Flames! Backwards Brains! 
Soda Can Implosions! Burning Sugar! Elephant Toothpaste! 
Incredi-Bubbles! Fireworks in Your Mouth! 
…and dozens more! 

Since they love science, our mascots Rusty, Ben and Penny (drawn by Jess Erskine) 
will be tagging along for the ride to make it all the more fun and appealing for younger students. 
Don’t worry – they promise to stay out of your way and not leave too big a mess behind them! 
(Downloadable PDF ebook)

We’re also including a huge bundle of fun SCIENCE FUN RESOURCES 
with your copy of “WOW! Can We Do That Again?”:

What kind of science can you learn with a simple penny? 
Well, you can learn all sorts of fascinating chemistry, physics and logic concepts! 
Join Penny as she presents 18 nifty experiments in her own PDF ebook, including: 
Penny Powered Cars, Penny Haloes, Penny Mushrooms, Rocket Powered Pennies, 
Floating Penny Boats, and more in this delightful companion volume! 
(Downloadable PDF ebook)

Next, enjoy 16 Classic AUDIO episodes of the great old time radio series “Adventures in Research”, 
featuring wonderful audio dramatizations of great moments in science and history! Each 15 minute episode 
is an entertaining “living history for the ears” story about the amazing origins of scientific discoveries we take for granted today! (16 Downloadable MP3 audio files)

America’s First Invention
The Green and the Red
The First Skyscraper
The Fabulous Mineral

Michael Saves His Breath
The Overlooked Housefly
The Stamp of Approval
The Way of An Eagle
The Birth of the Balloon

Free as a Bird

A Piece of Silk
Yesterday’s Secret Weapon
The Fight Against Fire

Hairpin in the Bottle
A Cup of Sugar
The King of Ice

Learn how to both solve and MAKE YOUR OWN “impossible” mazes in this fantastic and highly entertaining guide. 
Filled with creative tips, tricks & strategies for drawing your own mazes, plus several “impossible” mazes for you to try to solve.

Instead of focusing on traditional uncreative, step-by-step maze making, this guide by Dr Robert K. Stevenson develops the creative centers of one’s brain, leading to a greater ability to reason, recognize patterns, and form creative ideas. These are all critical abilities in this high tech era that we live in — especially for young people. 
Great problem solving & creative thinking exercises AND art projects, especially for ages 10 and up – don’t miss it! 
(Downloadable PDF ebook)

Do your kids like our science “mascots”? Our wonderful illustrator Jess Erskine has put together a great 
PDF coloring book featuring our friends Rusty, Penny and Ben having good old-fashioned fun and adventures, all through the year. 
Print out these delightful pages whenever you need to keep little hands busy… 
or want to put a new coloring masterpiece on your refrigerator… all year long. 
(Downloadable PDF ebook)

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