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In these FIVE fun (and tasty!) unit studies, your students will learn all about five traditional kitchen spices – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and sugar – with a history of each spice, creative hands on activities, a dash of geography, art & science, yummy recipes they can make themselves, puzzles and more. Your kids ages 5 – 10 will love these fun, fascinating and “oh so good” unit study lessons! (Five PDF ebooks 20+ pages each)

“The five units in the series cover the history of the spices, what they are used for, recipes, word finds, math, geography, reading lists… the list goes on. (Did you know the botanical name of ginger is Zingibar Officinale?) The BEST part (besides working side-by-side with your children) is tasting the results of the wonderful baking and cooking projects incorporated into the studies.

These are adorable little booklets full of FUN learning. It’s hard to believe that Marmee packed so much into them. Sugar & Spice is a great break from regular lessons… My girls and I have done these together and loved them. They really lend themselves to any age range — perfect to do as a family! Highly recommended!” – review by Lisa Barthuly

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