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The Periodic Table of EXPERIMENTS

The Periodic Table of Experiments is a fun hands-on science activity resource from It’s not really a Periodic Table of the Elements, but it is set up to look like that very familiar chart — with a difference. Each experiment on the downloadable PDF chart is clickable, and takes you to a link to that science experiment/activity. Activities are divided into Preschool science, Weather, STEM challenges, Kitchen Science, Plant & Outdoor Science, and even Fairy Tale Science. There’s lots of fun and educational projects for preschool and primary age students.

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Nature Studies

Wild Kids Magazine

We recently discovered WILD KIDS, a free downloadable magazine published by Alicia Bayer, and were wishing we had had this back when our own kids spent their days roaming and playing in our woods. So of course we had to share it with you:

Wild Kids Magazine for March is out! As always it’s absolutely free to read and print out.

This month’s topics include foraging wood sorrel the tasty little plant everyone thinks is clover, plus how to build wild shelters, tapping maple trees (and others!), 10 ways to play in nature this month and much more.

As always, there are foraging coloring pages, nature journal pages and seasonal poems too.

Wild Kids Magazine is an ad-free, nonprofit nature and foraging magazine for kids and their grown ups. Each issue is in full color and features printable nature journal pages.

Be sure to check it out. No opt-in required.

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Classic Picture books

Teenie Weenie Neighbors

Today we’re sharing this wonderful volume in this classic children’s book series by writer/artist William Donahey.

The Teenie Weenies are two inch high people living in a very LARGE and colorful world, and in this volume we meet many of their animal neighbors. This series was a favorite of many children in the early to mid 1900s. GORGEOUS black & white and color illustrations — check it out!

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Blank Sheet Music Templates

Staff paper can be expensive. MusicaNeo has provided a large assortment of blank music sheets to help save costs. You will find both educational music sheets with large staves and different templates, which are optimized to fit a large amount of work on a single page. Free blank sheet music is provided in PDF file format (A4 and U.S. letter size) and can be printed on any standard printer. You can either click and print immediately or download the file and print later. BIG money saver for any students studying music!
One of our followers, Jean Clark, said about this resource: “I’m a homeschooling mom who supervises the study of both piano and violin for my child. These free sheets have come in very handy when scaling hymns or other advanced pieces down to my son’s skill level. They would be excellent for teaching or practicing composition as well. Formats are available/appropriate for almost any instrument, whether beginner or advanced.”

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