Grammar Land (book, audiobook & worksheets!)

Grammar Land: Or Grammar In Fun for the Children of  Schoolroom-Shire, by M. L. Nesbitt (PDF ebook)

In this classic read-aloud story book, published way back in 1878, author Nesbitt creates an amazing fantasy land not unlike “Alice In Wonderland”, where the citizens are the nine parts of speech —rich Mr. Noun, his useful friend Pronoun, little ragged Article, talkative Adjective, busy Dr. Verb and Adverb, perky Preposition, convenient Conjunction, and irksome Interjection—are brought to trial by Judge Grammar to settle disputes over the rules of language. Each part of speech is called in turn to take the stand, where they are questioned by Doctor Syntax and Sergeant Parsing. In the course of the amusing trial, the reader, perhaps without even realizing it, is exposed to the most important rules of grammar. It’s a fun, fascinating way to learn some of the basic grammar rules all the  while carried along by the very memorable characters and a wild adventure to boot.

We’ve got the original book for you in PDF format, plus the well-done AUDIOBOOK, and some great WORKSHEETS to go along with it. Highly recommended!


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To listen to the wonderful audiobook version from LibriVox, read by Kara Shallenberg, CLICK HERE!


Jessica at the “We Don’t Need No Education” blog created a delightful set of worksheets for each chapter of Grammar Land, incorporating the exercises woven into the story. You can download all 17 of these PDF worksheet files on her blog. They are loads of fun and a great way to make sure your kids “get” some of what is taught in Grammar Land.

CLICK HERE to go to her blog where you can download these.