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Great Grandma’s Treasury of Fun & Games

Great Grandma’s Treasury of Fun & Games (Volume One)

Re-discover some of the fun playtime activities enjoyed by children of previous generations in this volume of vintage family fun games and activities, taken from a variety of turn of the century collections.

In Volume One, we have a fun collection of: string figures, tricks, puzzles, quiet games, singing games and riddles. (If you’d like to see Volume Two, let us hear from you!)

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The Child’s Own English Book – Lessons & Word Games

Today we feature this little-known gem, which is a terrific introduction to grammar: You have an introductory story/essay on each part of speech, how it is used, and why it is important. This is followed by several games to play that will help teach young students to identify and properly use their nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, interjections, etc. A unique and innovative approach to beginning grammar, this is a playful and child-friendly classic text! Highly recommended!

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Toy Theater – Puzzles and Educational Games

Today we feature Toy Theater, a site filled with a dozens of interactive animated games and puzzles to develop thinking skills and to have loads of educational fun in the process. This link is to the puzzles page… but be sure to also check out the other categories of interactive games by clicking the menu tabs at the top of the page. There you’ll also find math, art, reading & music goodies too.

CLICK HERE to go to the website!

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Teach With Games – and make your own, too!

Here’s a neat – and FREE! – way to create your own simple printable games to help younger students review or memorize what they are learning. has developed a online tool that lets you quickly create free printable card games with your own customized information, PLUS you can also search for games others have made studying the same information you need to memorize. Once you make a game you can save it for yourself — and as soon as it’s approved, it will also be shared with others to study the same subjects. It’s a community of games!

There are four different style game formats that can be used for different information: Pairs, Sets, Categories, and Sequences. Examples of all these can be found on the site. And you can click HERE to view a short instructional video that shows you step by step how to get started and create your first game.

Access to the tool is free when you register for a free membership on the site.

CLICK HERE to go to the website!