Classic Picture books

The Children’s Object Book

THE CHILDREN’S OBJECT BOOK (PDF ebook) – Here’s a beautiful, full color picture book published in England in the late 1800s, depicting household and outdoor objects, scenes from city and farms, animals, tools, etc. Truly delightful to look at and see how many items your young ones can identify. Also great for printing and cutting out for use as dollhouse objects, scrapbook pages, & more.

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Using Children’s Literature to Teach Science

Using Children’s Literature to Teach Science by Patricia Bishop McKean (PDF ebook with multiple PDF files)

Patricia Bishop McKean compiled this wonderful ebook that pairs great picture books / young reader books (including such classics as Stellaluna, Follow the Drinking Court, Swimmy, Curious George, Morris’s Disappearing Bag and many more) with hands-on activities that demonstrate basic science concepts to young students. Subjects covered in the activities include earth science, astronomy, math, ecology, physics, chemistry, and process skills. It’s a great approach that makes both the stories AND the science lessons much more memorable.

From her introduction:

Each children’s picture book is linked to a simple, basic science activity. By showing teachers how to “hook” their students by reading a familiar or new story and then doing a related hands-on, minds-on science activity, I have helped teachers feel more comfortable with teaching science.  Sometimes the story comes before the activity, and sometimes it comes after the activity. The activity will stand alone, as will the reading of the story, but if the hook captivates the mind of the student, the memory of the science concept should last in the student’s mind.

About the format:

Each book & accompanying science activity has its own PDF file, so there’s lots of PDFs to download here, making it a little more complicated than just downloading a single PDF file. But it is worth the effort. Check it out and see if you don’t agree. Use the menu on the site to navigate between sections of the collection.

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Classic Picture books

Teenie Weenie Neighbors

Today we’re sharing this wonderful volume in this classic children’s book series by writer/artist William Donahey.

The Teenie Weenies are two inch high people living in a very LARGE and colorful world, and in this volume we meet many of their animal neighbors. This series was a favorite of many children in the early to mid 1900s. GORGEOUS black & white and color illustrations — check it out!

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Classic Picture books

Johnny Crow’s Garden

“Johnny Crow’s Garden” (PDF ebook) – By request, today we feature this absolutely delightful vintage children’s picture book illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke, featuring all kinds of animals cavorting in this classic nursery rhyme. Many color plates & black and white illustrations suitable for coloring by little hands.

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