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BLESSED IS THE MAN: A Four Year High School Unit Study Curriculum just may be the answer you are looking for.

BLESSED IS THE MAN, authored by acclaimed homeschooling pioneers Lynda & Lauren Coats, has been used by thousands of homeschooling families over the past 20 years to guide young men in their junior high and high school studies. And now this much beloved, time-tested curriculum is available in a brand new updated, revised edition!

It’s the Perfect “Self-Directed” Course for Jr. & Sr. High

Blessed Is The Man can be used by your student, age 12 thru senior high school, with very little oversight needed by you. It covers all typical subjects for a complete high school education,  including basic life skills, a variety of business & vocational skills, introductions to many different careers and their requirements, as well as including many suggestions for expanding into specialized areas of  interest. The curriculum also includes a great deal of business and vocational training to prepare the student for the world of work without further formal education.

In addition to the academics, Blessed Is The Man is designed to train young men to fulfill their roles as future leaders in their family, church and community life, with an emphasis on growth in Christian character and the development of godly priorities.

YOU pick and choose the assignments that work for you

The curriculum can be customized by parent or student to best fit the interests, learning style, and goals of your student. Students can pick and choose the assignments they wish to focus on to fulfill their course requirements.

The goal of the curriculum is not to “get it all done” just to get everything checked off. Rather, it is designed to give you a solid, practical, proven framework upon which you and your student can build your own customized, self-directed course of junior high and high school study.

What Else is Needed?

Although most required college prep courses are included in Blessed Is The Man, you will need to add higher math and perhaps some additional science. Very few additional resources are mandatory, though many supplemental books and videos are suggested throughout the studies. The use of these is optional, and will depend on your own situation and preferences. Most, if not all of these, are readily available online, or can be borrowed for free via inter-library loan or from other homeschooling families.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It… Download the Exclusive Preview Sampler for FREE!

We know the best way to show you the scope, format and content of Blessed Is The Man is to let you look it over for yourself. So we invite you to
 download an extensive, 80 page PDF sampler from the complete curriculum. This presentation includes:

  • Guidelines for parents and students
  • The philosophy behind the curriculum
  • How it can be used with students with different learning styles
  • Essential materials needed
  • …and A COMPLETE Unit Study from the curriculum!

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Here’s what other families say about Blessed Is The Man:

“We are so thrilled with the level of maturity to which this study is taking our son and how it is giving him the ability to dig out Biblical perspectives on so many areas of life. This is the single best $ investment we could have made in the futures of our sons.”  – Nadine in Iowa

“This will be our 2nd year using Blessed Is The Man.  It is an answer to prayer for us. My son, Justin (15), really enjoys his school work now!I asked him a few weeks back, ‘Justin, would you like me to order you something else for school?’ He said, ‘like what?’ I said, ‘Like curriculum.’He said, ‘No way Mom! I like what I have. I don’t want what I used to learn with’ (BJU, ABeka.) I smiled (inside and out!!) and told him ‘Okay,’ and offered to get ‘fun books.’ I purchased Man in Demand. He LOVES it!!! It is comical, silly (the art work) but serious much like my Justin! ;0) I cannot speak highly enough about Blessed Is The Man! It has been an answer to prayer! Talk about a stress-free homeschooling mom, thats me 🙂 Their years are planned thanks to Lynda! I better hush here- I have the writing capabilities of my daughter- I get excited talking about something and well, you’d better be sitting! 🙂 ha Thanks Lynda for all your hard work!!” – Michelle in MD

“We are a family with four boys who love the unit study approach with a Charlotte Mason flair. Blessed Is The Man was a perfect fit for us. There is much to choose in the way of great reading, research, writing, and hands-on projects in all subject areas. We use Easy Grammar Plus to supplement and our own Math program (though there are wonderful math objectives included in the curriculum) and we customize it to fit our needs.What is great for me is that I have a fantastic guideline/resource to put together many wonderful units, my high schooler has some input into what he is studying and it can be done independently. I tone down the units for my younger boys and we can all be on the same units together for the most part.” – Blessings, Kathy in Arkansas

“We liked how Blessed Is The Man was a guide for us where we would have otherwise floundered. We didn’t follow it completely but used it sort of as a reference and a point of planning. I liked that it was a compliment to my daughter’s Far Above Rubies, and didn’t feel disjointed in our schooling but that they were sort of on the same path. Another thing we liked is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for a complete curriculum, if you chose to follow how she has it laid out. We opted for more in Science [Apologia Biology & Chemistry] and Math [Saxon through Algebra II] but depending on your child you may not have to. You can use the library or choose to buy the resources you feel you need. We ended up buying Writer’s Inc and Streams of Civilization. I also have a Little Brown Handbook from my college English class so he used that, along with various other books we already owned. You can choose how involved you will be with the curriculum. As a guide, or whole hog Good for those of us who lack the creativity to even come up with a starting point.” – Jada



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