Toy Theater – Puzzles and Educational Games

Today we feature Toy Theater, a site filled with a dozens of interactive animated games and puzzles to develop thinking skills and to have loads of educational fun in the process. This link is to the puzzles page… but be sure to also check out the other categories of interactive games by clicking the menu tabs at the top of the page. There you’ll also find math, art, reading & music goodies too.

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Chemistry, Comic Books

The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements

If you’ve got super hero fans in your homeschool, they will really enjoy this totally unique Periodic Table of the Elements, compiled by two professors at the University of Kentucky Chemistry Department! Each element has links to comic book pages where that element was featured as a part of the story. Just click on an element to see a list of comic book pages involving that element. It’s a great way to learn more about specific elements – and loads of fun for comic book fans!

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statistics, The World


Here’s a fascinating (and sometimes quite sobering) website that gives you real-time estimated current numbers – about world population, births & deaths, government, economics, energy, food, media and more – based on statistics and projections from the most reputable official organizations.  It’s amazing to watch the numbers change right before your eyes.

Worldometers’ sources include the United Nations Population Division, World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank. Using these, they analyze the available data, perform statistical analysis, and build our algorithm which feeds the real time estimate.

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Also check out the entire world’s current population, all on one page here!


Strange Stories from History

Today we have for you four mini-ebooks from this classic collection by George Eggleston, featuring remarkable but little known tales from the pages of American History that will fascinate your kids:

“The Jamestown Wife Market”

In our first ebook, learn the little-known story of the Virginia “wife market”, when two shiploads of sweethearts who journeyed to the colony to become wives to the men colonists, and discover the odd prices that were paid for them. To download this PDF file, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer.

“Young Washington’s Perilous Journey”

Follow young George Washington on a perilous journey through the wilderness as he is faced with bitter cold, an ice-choked river, and betrayal by his native guides. To download this PDF file, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer.


The story of the smallest wartime naval battle ever fought in all history, which occurred on the Alabama River on the 13th of November, 1813 — between two canoes. To download this PDF file, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer.



Great two-part story of how General Andrew Jackson and his rag-tag army took on an overwhelming British force which sought to capture New Orleans in the War of 1812 — in the pitch dark of midnight! To download this PDF file, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer.

Audio, Holidays

All-Time Favorite Holiday Stories for the Ears

This year we’ve put our two most popular Holiday Season collections into ONE wonderful bundle — CLICK HERE to see (and hear) all the details!

Lots of happy testimonials from other homeschool families:


I purchased the holiday stories last year since our family enjoys reading aloud  

and audio books. We truly enjoyed the stories and listened to them daily.

It has become a new Christmas tradition as all four of my children (including teens!)

begged to listen to The Cinnamon Bear every day. Thank you for these wholesome,

timeless adventures! – Rachel R


Definitely get the Homeschool Radio Shows “All Time Favorite Holiday Stories” collection!

We got them last year and they were a hit. It really set the mood for the holidays.

Never got tired of listening to them. It really brings the past into the here and now.” — Melissa H.


The tradition continues. Now I am purchasing this set for my daughter and her little

family. She has fond memories of this set when she was living at home and

homeschooled! Thanks  for continuing to offer it. – Felice G.


Thank you so much for the Cinnamon Bear stories.  It has become a family tradition

to start listening to them on the way to their Nonnie’s for Thanksgiving.  We listen

to them only in the car and finish up the story by Christmas.  It’s the only time of

the year we play it. My girls talk about them throughout the year.  – Colleen


This is our favorite collection for the Holidays – our daughter even pulls it out

to listen to in the heat of summer:) Thanks for making this available for

generations to come! – Angela


We may have been one of the original “Cinnamon Bear Listeners” from your site.

A Christmas tradition at our house. We even have a Paddy O’ Cinnamon that we

put on our tree each year. – Christine W.


There were many delights as we listened to your Holiday Stories Collection…

We listened starting as soon as it arrived and continued on into January.


One of the greatest treasures we found on the MP3 was a version of

A Christmas Carol” featuring Lionel Barrymore. I sat utterly amazed when

I first heard his voice. The first few seconds of the program brought back such

a familiarity to me — I had previously thought I would NEVER hear that

version again and have missed it every Christmas since getting married and leaving home.

My parents had an old LP record of the very same show that we would listen to

on our family’s old stereo when I was growing up. We listened to it “to death,”

helping bump the needle whenever it got stuck on scratches. =^) That old record has long been lost.


How excited I was to tell my two children that this program was the VERY SAME ONE

their mommy and her siblings used to LOVE listening to every Christmas when they

were young! I thought there was no way to ever hear that program again, but thanks to you,

we are carrying on the tradition of listening that that old favorite,

along with many new ones, during the holidays!


(By the way, my daughter was in a thrift store this spring and found a paperback copy

of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” She insisted she was old enough to read it

and bought it with her own money (she was then 6). Your radio shows spur on much

love, familiarity, and reading of original classics at our house. Thank you!” With Thanks – Karla


We’ve been with you since the beginning and bought the Holiday Stories when you

first offered them, and listen to them every holiday season! They are truly a treasure!

Thanks for the reminder today to pull them up and start listening again. – Martha


I also have to say what a great resource this was last year. We brought the

Cinnamon Bear Companion also and did the lapbook, coloring book and games

with our youngest (7 years). I want to add that after 6 years of family homeschooling

it was the best project we have ever done 🙂 – Shelley B.


Click HERE to go to the collections!

History, Holidays, Living Books

Mary of Plymouth

Mary of Plymouth: A Story of the Pilgrim Settlement by James Otis (PDF ebook)

“My name is Mary, and I am setting down all these things about our people here in this new world, hoping some day to send my dear friend, Hannah, who lives in Scrooby, England, what may really come to be a story… even though the writer of it is only sixteen years old, having lived in Plymouth since the day our company landed from the Mayflower in 1620, more than eleven years ago…”

So begins this excellent book about the pilgrims and the colony of Plymouth, as told through the eyes of a young pilgrim girl named Mary. This classic “living book”, written by James Otis and originally published in 1910, is full of history, fascinating details about the daily lives of the pilgrims, along with plenty of action and adventure. Profusely illustrated and highly recommended. this is back by popular request! Another great story to share with your kids as we draw closer to our own Thanksgiving celebrations!

To download this PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key then click the link and save to your mac.

Holidays, Living Books

The Children’s Book of Thanksgiving Stories

This classic story collection edited by Asa Don Dickinson features dozens of Thanksgiving-related stories for young people by many different authors, and includes everything from fairy tales to true historic narratives. The table of contents notes which ones are more suited to little readers or listeners, and which are better for older readers. There’s lots of fun and heartwarming tales in this vintage collection. Great for read-aloud!

This ebook is available from Project Gutenberg in multiple formats, including kindle, mobi, html and plain text. (But not PDF)

CLICK HERE to go to the download page!

Audio, Autumn, Just for Fun

Favorite Kiddy Songs for Fall (and Punky Pumpkin too!)

Well, today we’re off for a return visit to the countryside where a delightful stack of fun, classic children’s records from yesteryear awaits us.

First up, join in on a jolly version of the classic children’s song, “Oats, Peas, Beans” by Roger White, as we quickly follow Mr. Farmer through his very busy day.

Next, we stop by the house of “The Little Crooked Man” (of the Mother Goose rhyme) with his crooked cat and crooked mouse, and then visit “The Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe” in a fine record by Roy Hallee.

Next, we travel with Uncle Don Down On The Farm where we meet all the animals in a fun musical adventure from long ago Sonora Records.

And last but not least, we join Uncle Lumpy as he tells about one of our favorite characters, Little Orley in a couple of fun musical adventures… as he is first unexpectedly serenaded by a little mouse and his friends in the Barnyard… and then puts on his own great barnyard concert you’ve just got to hear to believe.

All of the above = loads of fun for kids of all ages. Enjoy your visit down on the farm!

Here are your download links. You can click these to stream online, or RIGHT CLICK these and “save” to your computer:

Oats Peas Beans & Barley
(.6 megs, 3 minutes)

There Was a Crooked Man /There Was An Old Woman
(1.3 megs, 6 minutes)

Uncle Don Down on the Farm
(2.3 megs, 12 minutes)

The Barn Dance
(3 megs, 3 minutes)

Orley’s Big Concert
(7.4 megs, 8 minutes)

And finally…


Here’s one more little treat from us to you… one of our favorite fall songs… and certainly the catchiest song about a pumpkin ever! This song does mention Halloween in passing, so if that bothers you, don’t download it. But if you just want a fun, old fashioned pumpkin song, check it out and your kids will soon be singing along!

To download this MP3 song, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your computer. To just play it online, click the link.

Let us know if you enjoy your musical visit to the countryside!