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Tom Sawyer – Audio Dramatization & Bonus

Today we have a great half hour AUDIO dramatization of Mark Twain’s immortal book, “Tom Sawyer”. It’s lots of fun, and a wonderful taste of the full book – perfect summertime listening!

To listen to this 30 minute MP3 audio program, CLICK HERE. If you want to download it, RIGHT click the link and “save link” to your computer. Mac users, press the “control” key, then click the link and save to your mac.

BONUS: We also have this comic book adaptation of Mark Twain’s immortal story, from the golden age of comics. This is a very faithful, well-done version of the story and a neat way to introduce readers to this timeless classic! To download this large (38 meg) PDF ebook, RIGHT CLICK HERE and “save” to your pc. Mac users, press the “control” key and click the link, then save to your mac.