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When Mother Lets Us Sew

When Mother Lets Us Sew, by Virginia Ralston (PDF ebook)

Here’s a delightfully written and eminently practical little guide to basic hand sewing written back in 1910. This is filled with sweet illustrations and very well done step by step instructions for teaching basic stitches and sewing skills to little learners. This is a keeper, and is super-handy for teaching hand sewing basics!

From the introduction:

Think how nice it would be, when mother is busy with her sewing and mending, to sit beside her on a little low chair and help her with that big sewing basket over-flowing with work! One could learn how to sew a button on brother Tom’s shirt, mend a tear neatly in little sister’s apron, thread mother’s needles… or even to cut out, sew and make all your own doll baby’s clothes! … Just to think of being able to dress and undress your little doll family as often as you like! One could even make little night gowns for them to sleep in and best of all, everything they wore would be made by your own busy little hands….

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