How to Be a Reading Tutor


This is an excellent six part tutorial specifically on how to be a Reading Tutor for older students and teens who cannot read at the third grade level. It was written for people who are volunteer one-on-one tutors in schools, but it is extremely helpful and adaptable when working with homeschooled students who have reading problems too. It is filled with specific tips and suggestions, along with a breakdown of what you want to do and accomplish with each session. Very practical and effective “hands on” tutoring.

Unfortunately, the author’s website has been taken offline, and We’ve had no luck at all trying to track him down. However, an archived version of the page IS available, and the links to each part of the six part series are working fine as of this moment. Therefore, if this is something that would be useful to you, I’d strongly suggest that you go ahead and print it out, as it may not always be available online.

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