Bedtime Math

Bed Time Math‘s motto is  “Making math a fun part of kid’s everyday lives.”

This neat site offers an intriguing daily article along with math problems for three levels of learners. It’s a fun change of pace and a painless way to challenge your kids with a fun problem each day. And it doesn’t HAVE to be at bedtime. Any convenient time you want to add a little math to your day will work.

From the website description:

Don’t sweat it.  Bedtime Math hopes to be part of your daily routine, but if you’re having one of those days that started with the toilet overflowing, don’t worry.  Bedtime Math problems are here when you want them, when you’re ready.

It’s not official.  Bedtime Math isn’t an official “curriculum.”  It’s just a fun chance for kids to do math in their heads, so someday when they’re shopping and everything’s 20% off, they can figure out the sale price before the store closes.

Take it by the horns.  While Bedtime Math loves mental math, it’s totally cool to use paper and pencil when needed.  And if your child wants to tackle a harder BMP, go for it!  You can walk your kids through the steps if they’re stuck, and they’ll be excited to wrestle hard with something and get the answer.

Simmer down.  The BMPs aim to be fun and lively, but they won’t keep your kids from falling asleep.  In our experience, math can get kids to sit still, focus, and quiet down.

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