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Random Experiments from The King of Random

“Welcome to a world of garage science and backyard experimenting. This page is all sciencey guy stuff .. but girls can play too!”

Here’s a delightfully geeky Facebook video channel with over 70 fun and interesting videos from, with all sorts of “garage science” experiments, inventions, and science — including making waterproof sand, all sorts of colored smokes, slime, a smoke ring cannon, a David & Goliath sling, a T-shirt cannon, melting marbles with electricity, and lots more.

Most of these are NOT suitable for most homeschoolers to try for themselves, as they involve some hazardous chemicals, fire, etc. and are really meant for older experimenters. However, they are full of fun ideas and plenty of science (which is usually fully explained by the very likeable, good natured hosts), and just may pique your student’s interest in physics, chemistry and science.

(We also didn’t spot anything off-color or objectionable on the videos we watched, but then we did not watch all 71 of the videos. You may want to preview some of the more off-the-wall experiments if they freak you out.)

CLICK HERE to go to their Facebook video channel.